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Rails intro course retrospective

2014-01-22 12:30–13:30 at Barsoom HQ


  • Henrik Nyh
  • Tomas Skogberg
  • Kim Persson
  • Joakim Kolsjö
  • Victor Arias
  • Mike Burns
  • Calle Erlandsson
  • Maria Muñoz
  • Mattamadugu Seshendra

Things to do now

  • [Henrik & Calle] Send a message to attendees via, mentioning:
    • That they can attend the project night
    • That they're part of the community and we'll help them arrange their own events
    • A survey (or a discussion thread?) for them to fill out
      • How did you find us?
      • Did you continue on your own? Do you know the next step to take?
      • How did you like it? Anything to improve?
    • Ask coaches to mention common errors in a Meetup discussion tread (or a survey?)
  • [Mike, DONE] Put checklist on GitHub.
  • [Henrik, DONE] Adapt /learn for people attending the event
  • [Henrik] Ask MyNewsdesk if they would sponsor stickers with the Stockholm Ruby logo.
  • [anyone who cares] Add a Rails book to /learn

Did we improve since last time?

  • We didn't get much better at putting up notes at universities. Only did KTH.
  • Better at using Twitter.
  • Didn't use Facebook, none of us is good at it. Should we not have a group there? Would we reach more women via Facebook?
  • We decided not to collect email, but use messages instead.
  • Tweaked the name. Students: good name.
  • Forum or IRC is tricky. Someone needs to be there to answer.
  • Follow up event within a week: fail. Both students attending the retro said they'll come to the project night, though.
  • Raise hand. Worked well. Students: happy.
  • Greeter? No complaints.
  • Checklist? Gunnar and Mike had one. Mike will put it on GitHub.
  • Breaks? We should just mention them, don't enforce.

Things to improve for next time

  • Put up notes at e.g. KTH, SU and Nackademin. We have people with contacts there.
  • Be clear that you can take breaks at any time, for as long as you want.
  • Be clear that you can work alone or in groups, whichever you prefer.
  • Remind Mike about this list :) Henrik will try.
  • Less technical intro: "dynamically typed" might be off-putting to some.
  • Hand out a card/sheet with "what to do next", mentioning and the next meetup.
  • Make sure we have plenty of extension cords.
  • Mark out the "haven't installed the environment" tables.
  • Mention in the event description so you can study ahead of the event if you want to.
  • Encourage coaches to get a little familar with the installation process beforehand.
  • Line the coaches up and introduce them.
  • Link to the installation guide from the event description.
  • Push the installation event more strongly. It's almost mandatory.
  • Hand out Stockholm Ruby stickers as a reward. Railsbridge mentions them. If someone will sponsor stickers.


  • How did the students find us? Maria: via, has attended PyLadies. Has friends in the business. Mattamadugu: via
  • Installfest went well.
  • Name tags were good.
  • Mike went to Bergh and gave a class, told them about us.
  • Maybe 16% women. We want to improve that ratio but don't know how.
  • Few guides that know Windows well.
  • Next event sometime around April 3.
  • 58 attendees signed up last time. 73 this time. 43 students showed up. 10-ish coaches?
  • A FAQ of common errors, especially Windows errors, would be nice.