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(Titel is intentionally left obfuscated; SEO = Search Engine Obfuscation)

This is a Clojure implementation for the given problem.

Author: Stefan Hübner, August 2011

Public URL: AWS Beanstalk instance

Bug tracking: GitHub

How it works

The application provides a couple of HTTP endpoints:

redirects to /upload.html
GET /upload.html
form to upload a file
POST /upload/[id]
upload a file associated with a given ID
POST /upload/[id]/description
associate a description with an upload
GET /upload/[id]
provide data about an uploaded file
accept “application/json”
JSON format
accept “*”
HTML format
GET /upload/[id]/progress
provide progress information for an uploading file
GET /upload/[id]/file
provide the file to the client

All of these endpoints are implemented in sthuebner/superupload/core.clj

GET /upload.html

Provides the UI for the application.

When a user selects a local file, a semi unique ID is generated and the file along with meta information is posted to /upload/[id].

Once an upload started, a description can be provided and saved with the file when the upload is finished.

POST /upload/[id]

Expects a multipart form containing a file and meta information. The file gets stored on disk and meta information is stored in an in-memory structure (see sthuebner/superupload/storage.clj)

Uploaded files are stored temporarilly and get deleted when the application shuts down.

POST /upload/[id]/description

Expects a form containing a description field, associating its value with the respective upload.

GET /upload/[id]

Provides information about an uploaded file - either in JSON (if the client requests so by providing an appropriate Accept header) or in HTML format.

GET /upload/[id]/progress

Provides progress information about a running upload. This endpoint is used by the UI to report upload progress back to the user.

GET /upload/[id]/file

This endpoint provides to download the file.


The application backend is implemented in Clojure using Ring and Moustache for HTTP routing and parsing.

The frontend is implemented in plain HTML and JavaScript.

How to use the UI

  • go to http://sthuebner-superupload.elasticbeanstalk.com/
  • click “Choose File” and select a local file
  • once the file is selected the upload starts and progress information is shown
  • while uploading you can then provide a description
  • save the description when the upload is finished
  • you’ll be shown a page with a link to your file, the server side filename it is stored as, plus the description you provided.

What’s left

More tests! I’m not experienced with GUI testing - in particular AJAX, but lacking UI tests a pain point of the implementation.

Some basic backend tests are included and can be run using ’lein test’. They also can be heavily improved and I’ll be working on that.

How to run it




  • run ’lein install plugin lein-ring 0.4.5’ (only needed once)
  • run ’lein ring server-headless [port]’ (default port is 3000)

Servlet Container (Tomcat, etc.)

  • run ’lein ring uberwar’ to build a WAR including all dependencies
  • deploy it on a servlet container of your choice

How to work with the code

This is how I develop in Emacs using SLIME and Swank:

  • download the code
  • install Leiningen
  • run ’lein install plugin swank-clojure 1.3.2’ (only needed once)
  • run ’lein swank’ to open up Swank REPL
  • open Emacs and run ’M-x slime-connect

You’ll be presented with a REPL directly running on the application code.