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contains(value: T): boolean;
remove(value: T): void;
addOrRemoveIfExists(value: T): void;
pushIfNotExists(value: T): void;
toList<T>(): Collections.List<T>;
addRange(arr: Array<T>): Array<T>;
clone(): Array<T>;


isToday(): boolean;
isSameDay(value: Date): boolean;
addYears(years: number): Date;
addMonths(months: number): Date;
addDays(days: number): Date;
addHours(hours: number): Date;
addMinutes(minutes: number): Date;
addSeconds(seconds: number): Date;
date(): Date;
format(format: string): string;
parse(format: string): Date;
getWeekNumber(): number;
copy(): Date;
dayOfWeek(): DayOfWeek;
isLeapYear(): boolean;
getWeek(): Week;


between(min: number, max: number): boolean;
addPercent(percent: number): number;
percentageOf(total: number): number;
in(numbers: Array<number>): boolean;
floor(): number;
ceil(): number;
round(): number;


toLower(): string;
toUpper(): string;
trim(): string;
equals(str: string, ignoreCase?: boolean): boolean;
startsWith(str: string, ignoreCase?: boolean): boolean;
endsWith(str: string, ignoreCase?: boolean): boolean;
contains(str: string, ignoreCase?: boolean): boolean;
containsOnly(characters: string, ignoreCase?: boolean): boolean;
left(length: number): string;
right(length: number): string;
shuffle(): string;
repeat(iterations: number): string;
replaceAll(target: string, replacement: string): string;
padLeft(length: number, character: string): string;
padRight(length: number, character: string): string;
format(...args: any[]): string;
toDate(): Date;



var calendarService = new Services.CalendarService();
var cal = calendarService.getCalendar(2015, 1);

Calendar {
    year: number;
    month: number;
    weeks: Array<Week> = [];
    dates: Array<ICalendarDay> = [];
    preDates: Array<ICalendarDay> = [];
    postDates: Array<ICalendarDay> = [];

    getMonth(): Month {
        return new Month(this.year, this.month);


var svc = new Services.HolydayService();
var holydays2015 = svc.getHolydays(2015);



var month = Month.Now();
var nov2015 = new Month(2015, 11);
var des2015 = new Month(2015, 12);

var test = nov2015.getDates().length; // returns 30
var test = des2015.getDates().length; // returns 31


var period = new Period(new Date(2000,0,1), new Date(2016,11,31));
period.isInPeriod(new Date(2010,6,6)) // returns true


var ts = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(60);
a.ok(ts.totalMinutes() === 60);
a.ok(ts.totalSeconds() === (60 * 60));
a.ok(ts.totalHours() === 1);


var week = new Week(new Date(2015, 11, 31));
var weekNumber = week.weekNumber;
var nextWeek = week.addWeeks(1);


add(item: T);
addRange(item: Array<T>);
any(predicate?: (item: T) => boolean): boolean;
insert(index: number, item: T): List<T>;
first(): T;
firstOrDefault(predicate?: (item: T) => boolean): T;
singleOrDefault(predicate?: (item: T) => boolean): T;
last(): T;
remove(predicate?: (item: T) => boolean): List<T>;
removeAt(index: number): List<T>;
where(predicate?: (item: T) => boolean): List<T>;
take(count: number): List<T>;
forEach(action: (item: T) => void): List<T>;
orderBy(selector: (item: T) => any): List<T>;
orderByDescending(selector: (item: T) => any): List<T>;
offset(startIndex: number, count: number): List<T>;
toArray(): Array<T>;
contains(predicate?: (item: T) => boolean): boolean;
count(predicate?: (item: T) => boolean): number;
copy(): List<T>;
distinct(): List<T>;
clear(): void;
sum(predicate: (item: T) => number): number;
avg(predicate: (item: T) => number): number;
min(predicate: (item: T) => number): number;
max(predicate: (item: T) => number): number;
group(predicate: (item: T) => any): Array<IGroupResult<T>>


interface IPerson {
    name: string;
    age: number;
    birthdate?: Date;

function getPersons(): Collections.List<IPerson> {
    var personList = new Collections.List<IPerson>();
    personList.add({ name: 'aa', age: 15, birthdate: new Date().addYears(-15) });
    personList.add({ name: 'bb', age: 3, birthdate: new Date().addYears(-3) });
    personList.add({ name: 'cc', age: 28, birthdate: new Date().addYears(-28) });
    personList.add({ name: 'dd', age: 32, birthdate: new Date().addYears(-32) });
    personList.add({ name: 'ee', age: 78, birthdate: new Date().addYears(-78) });
    return personList;

var persons = getPersons();

persons.avg(p=> p.age); // average age
persons.min(p=> p.age); // lowest age
persons.max(p=> p.age); // highest age
persons.sum(p=> p.age); // total age

persons.first(); // first person in list
persons.last(); // last person in list

persons.orderBy(p=>; // sorting

persons.count(); // count all 
persons.count(p=> p.age > 70); // Count all above 70 years old
persons.contains(p=> p.age > 90); // true/false whether person is more than 90 years old