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This is a script to add a constant offset to all the subtitles in an SRT file

To run it open a powershell window (windows-R and type powershell.exe), then cd to the folder you saved the script into eg:

cd c:\users\stib\downloads\

then type

import-module offset-srtSubtitles.ps1

then use the script thus:

Offset-SRTSubtitles 'c:\path\to\' -outputSRT "c:\path\to\" -Hours 1 -Minutes 2 -Seconds -3 -Frames 2

Here are the parameters:

  • -inputSRT is always the first parameter, and is mandatory. It is the path to your source srt.

  • -outputSRT is optional. If not specified the output file name will be based on the input file with the tag _offset on the end of the name, eg

  • -Hours - the hours offset. Don't specify any offsets that are 0. Offsets can be positive or negative integers

  • -Minutes - the minutes offset

  • -Seconds - you get the idea

  • -Milliseconds or -Frames If -Frames is specified, -Milliseconds is ignored

  • -Framerate - only needed if -Frames is specified, default is 25