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  1. immersive-videoplayer-android

    A demo project that incorporates a video player that hides unnecessary ui elements from the screen.

    Java 38 16

  2. go-gopher-model

    A 3D model of the Go Gopher mascot. We ❤️ Go.

    66 3

  3. ginger

    A WebGL morph target progressive web application demo.

    JavaScript 15 6

  4. real-time-contact

    A web component for real time contact based on Firebase and Polymer.

    HTML 8 3

  5. paho-mqtt-js

    Bower package tracking Eclipse Paho MQTT JavaScript client.

    JavaScript 6 3

  6. inquiry-bot

    A slackbot using webhooks to report form submissions from your website to Slack.

    JavaScript 6 1