Dockerfile for building a single node Apache Hadoop container
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The Dockerfiles: Single Node Apache Hadoop

This project is an attempt to create a common starting point for building a single node Hadoop image. The intent of this Dockerfile is to be a complete and functional system while also acting as a template that can be customized and expanded upon based on a user's need rather than to be an authority on how Hadoop should be configured.


One of the goals of this project is to build an image in as little time as possible. With this in mind a design decision was made to require all dependencies not managed by the base images's package manager be included locally in the packages directory. This will prevent the necessity of having to download hundreds of additional megabytes of software each time a build is attempted. This approach also has the added benefit of allowing you to obtain the necessary dependencies from sources you trust.

This Dockerfile has the following dependencies:

All dependencies are expected to be in the gzip archive format and placed in the packages directory.

Building an Image

In the directory containing the Dockerfile run the following command:

$> docker build -t sticksnleaves/hadoop-single-node .

Running a Container

To start a container in daemon mode run the following command:

$> $HADOOP_ID=$(docker run -d -t sticksnleaves/hadoop-single-node)

For debugging purposes you can view the Hadoop log tails by running a container in interactive mode:

$> docker run -i -t sticksnleaves/hadoop-single-node

Persistent Storage

All non-config data files are stored in /var/lib/hadoop/VERSION/data within a container. The data files are broken down based on Hadoop version and then referenced by the current symlink. Hadoop 2.3.0 would be located at /var/lib/hadoop/2.3.0/data and then symlinked to /var/lib/hadoop/current/data. This is for maintainability and predictability purposes independent of the actual version of Hadoop used.

To persistently store Hadoop data files pass /var/lib/hadoop to the -v flag when running a container.

For more information regarding Docker volumes and persistent storage view the following articles:


This Dockerfile exposes the following ports:


  • 50070
  • 50470
  • 9000
  • 50075
  • 50475
  • 50010
  • 50020
  • 50090


  • 8088
  • 8032
  • 50060

By default Docker will not assign ports publicly. To manually assign ports use the -p flag when running a container. To assign them automatically use the -P flag.

For more information on Hadoop ports see the Hortonworks Configuring Ports documentation.

For more information on Docker ports see the Redirect Ports documentation.

64-bit Support

The implementation of Hadoop provided by this Dockerfile contains 64-bit support.