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-Android implementation of Notch's DCPU-16 (
+Android implementation of Notch's DCPU-16 (v1.1) (
+Version 0.05
By Andrew "Stick" Boothroyd (@sticksoft)
-Probably going to be licensed under the WTFPL:
-This version successfully runs the example found at
-No real functionality yet, but feel free to browse the code!
+You may do whatever the fsck you want with this software, at your own risk. (
+If you use it in a project, letting me know and putting a link to in would be appreciated.
+If I ever meet you in person, a beer would be even more appreciated!
+This version successfully assembles and runs the example found at
+Added an assembler
+v0.03, v0.04
+Minor bugfixes
+Fixed a bug with the PC, first working version

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