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YAJL has been successfully built using Visual Studio 8. CMake, a
build file generator, is used to build the software. CMake supports
several different build environments, so you may either build YAJL
using the IDE via the following steps:
1. acquire cmake (
2. mkdir build
3. cd build
4. cmake ..
5. devenv YetAnotherJSONParser.sln /project ALL_BUILD /build Release
6. build output is left in build/yajl-X.Y.Z
Or you can build from the command line using nmake:
1. Click Start > Programs > Microsoft Visual Studio > Visual Studio
Tools > Visual Studio Command Prompt -- for your version of Visual
Studio, which will open a command prompt. You may verify that the
compiler is in your path by typing "cl /?" at the prompt.
2. cd C:\path\to\yajl\source\
3. mkdir build
4. cd build
5. cmake -G"NMake Makefiles" -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
6. nmake
7. nmake install
Earlier versions of visual studio and other build generators haven't
been thoroughly tested, but should work without any major issues.