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Altered Beast

The popular rails-based Beast forum, rewritten from the ground up with the same database and views.

  • updated for Rails 3

  • compatible with Ruby 1.9.3

  • full i18n (with German, English and Portuguese (Brazil) support)

  • using rspec/model_stubbing

  • added a state machine for user logins

  • built-in multi-site support

  • spam protection from akismet/viking

  • forum authorization rules (public/private/invitation)

  • email and atom feed support

  • xml/json API (not 100% tested yet, fixing soon)

  • highline based easy console installer

  • internationalization via the I18n framework

Check out the code via git:

git clone git://


$ git clone git://
$ cd altered_beast
$ bundle install
$ rake app:bootstrap

Follow the instructions to create your database and load users.
Start the application with script/server and visit http://localhost:3000 to 
visit your new forum.