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4.0.5 (November 15, 2016)

Fixes an embarrassing bug in the unwrapRootArrayParser that made the parser ignore any output after an array entry at depth 1. (I.e. a direct child of the root array.)

This fix exists in the v4.0.5 tag, and the v4.0.x branch, but not on master as that has moved on too much.

4.0.4: No Crashes On Invalid UTF-8 Found

(November 3rd, 2016)

Oh, er, well, this is a bit embarrassing. It turns out my tests were insufficently devious, and did not guard against invalid UTF-8 encodings. I thought I could punt on UTF-8 validation and rely on [NSString initWithBytes:length:encoding] to do it, but then Nicolas Seriot reported otherwise (issue #219). The upshoot of this is that this version won't crash on a whole range invalid UTF-8 byte sequences where previous versions crashed did:

  • Flat-out illegal UTF-8 byte values
  • Missing continuation bytes
  • Unexpected continuation bytes
  • Overlong encodings
  • Invalid Unicode code points

After 9 years of calling SBJson a strict JSON parser I've finally implemented UTF-8 validation. Thank you for the learning opportunity Nicolas!

Also in this release:

  • Recreate the project file and targets using Xcode 8.
  • Re-organising the frankly bonkers repo layout to hopefully make it easier for casual contributors to find their way around.
  • Fix the Travis build; this had broken due to bit rot.

4.0.3 (July 7th, 2016)

  • 207dfa3 Adjust Travis CI configuration (#1)
  • 191b0ad Rename Carthage Mac target
  • 23e47df Update
  • ed536b5 Add Carthage iOS target
  • d53dfe4 Add repo status to README
  • 4ca1d84 Replace deprecated method with alternative
  • d088bd1 Add codecov badge to README
  • 4e7df93 Make variable private
  • 2983d71 Attempt at adding code test coverage metrics
  • 959f5bd Make link (hopefully) to LICENCE
  • 52ab522 Add a top-level heading to README
  • abe079d Update to-date on license
  • bff9599 Remove prefix headers
  • 2fbe784 Use Xcodebuild rather than xctool
  • 5f63aa0 Add Gitter URL to README

4.0.2 (June 24th, 2015)

A few patches to address warnings submitted by various people.

  • a34295f Merge pull request #201 from isimpson/patch-1
  • 6069c12 Fix semantic issue Xcode warning
  • ceaa84a Update travis-ci to use a build matrix rather than explicit script
  • 647ff7e Add semicolons after block - fixes #198
  • 34b2d47 Update
  • f4933c9 Merge pull request #194 from karelia/master
  • beed41a Return NULL for invalid chars
  • 64ea007 Readme update
  • e628af0 Slightly saner error handling (thanks AppCode!)
  • 852f607 Inline method (thanks AppCode!)
  • 20a2ece Add cast to correct unmatched type issue (thanks AppCode!)
  • 18cbb6c Fix typos in comments and variable names (thanks AppCode!)
  • a90dddf Killed 58 lines of unreachable code (thanks AppCode!)
  • 024672c Simplify expression as suggested by AppCode
  • f999088 Remove broken example (twitter no longer support basic auth)
  • dba2719 Create a new (external) DisplayPretty project and link to it rather than embed it
  • f7ee521 fixup! Extract LICENSE from README again (I changed my mind...)
  • 59d3810 Extract LICENSE from README again (I changed my mind...)

4.0.1 (April 17th, 2014)

Change installation instructions to recommend use of CocoaPods.

Started using to ensure builds are good. This now runs tests for both iOS and OSX build of the library.

Fix method names in API documentation examples.

Modernise and tidy up a bit by:

  • Convert tests to use XCTest rather than OCUnit.
  • Remove unnecessary schemes.
  • Turn on analyze for tests too.
  • Enable modules & drop explicit dependency on Foundation.
  • Make precompiled headers use Foundation/Foundation.h rather than UIKit / Cocoa headers.
  • Upgrade to latest Xcode5.1 recommended settings.
  • Remove annoying (but harmless) warning about ARC retain cycle in tests.

Full list of commits:

  • 6e28701 Run tests for both iOS and OSX
  • b93a64b Turn on analyze for tests too
  • 816cca4 Convert OCUnit to XCTest
  • 0546997 Remove unnecessary schemes
  • eca32c2 Enable Modules
  • 91be3a7 Upgrade to latest Xcode settings
  • f17611c README updates
  • 1b60dd1 Make Podfile documentation a bit clearer
  • 79c814b Update copyright year
  • e1c770c Update README
  • 0a60393 Remove annoying (but harmless) warning about ARC retain cycle in tests
  • d23adbc Update
  • 259fa96 Build-status information from Travis
  • 8651019 Add shared Xcode schemes for Travis
  • f0f1d61 Add .travis.yml to integrate with
  • fb05d7d Clarify example in documentation
  • 928a69d Fix documentation

4.0.0 (December 16th, 2013)

No changes since RC1.

4.0.0-rc1 (December 4th, 2013)

Notable changes since alpha3:

  • b7bf069 Add newline at end of file. Fixes #188.

4.0.0-alpha3 (November 17th, 2013)

Notable changes since 4.0.0-alpha2:

  • f7ef205 Add documentation for more convenience constructors
  • 49bcff0 Rename classes, constants & enums to add major version number (4)
  • fda671c Remove old SBJsonParser and rename SBJsonChunkParser to SBJsonParser
  • c053beb Changed secondary init method to be a class method instead
  • faaa654 Remove parser as argument to all its delegate methods
  • e8a1444 Move max-depth error handling from stream parser to chunk-parser
  • 4ef698e Make SBJsonChunkParser "immutable" by removing properties
  • d6342f6 Use the ChunkParser in the DisplayPretty example

4.0.0-alpha2 (November 13th, 2013)

Notable changes since 4.0.0-alpha:

  • d13a5a8 Support stopping parsing after a certain number of partial documents
  • cbdd83c Replace SBJsonStreamParserAdapter with SBJsonChunkParser
  • a52fefa Update DisplayPretty example to use ARC
  • 9bedeec Turn on most sensible warnings
  • 641f506 Move properties to be nonatomic, and remove explicit @synthesize declarations
  • b41acb1 Use weak rather than unsafe_unretained (no longer support iOS < 5)
  • c3f7db0 Make the "skip outer array" option of the stream parser easier to understand.
  • f342770 Move multi-document support chosing to the parser delegate, so decision can be done in the adapter
  • 28a7c73 Update documentation to remove reference to -autorelease method
  • ab11d2b Remove the silly parser/writer Accumulators
  • b02a095 Avoid warning for Mac OS X build

4.0.0-alpha (November 9th, 2013)

I'm delighted to announce SBJson 4.0.0-ALPHA. Notable changes since 3.2.0:

  • #160 & #162 - Remove category & ...error:(NSError**)error methods.
  • #171 - Support full range of unsigned long long as proper integer type.
  • #128 - Support full range of double. This also removes NSDecimalNumber support.
  • #180 - Add @rpath support to SBJson.framework build settings.
  • #182 - Add option to process values as they’re parsed.

The main reason for a major version change is the removal of the some methods, to allow focus on streaming as explained in this blog post. The change to support the full range of double was also significant enough that it might have warranted a major version release on its own.

Several community members have contributed to this release.

3.2.0 (January 19th, 2013)

Version 3.2.0 was released, with no changes since rc1.

3.2.0-rc1 (January 4th, 2013)


  • Deprecated the JSONValue and JSONRepresentation category methods.
  • Deprecated several methods that return an error through an NSError** argument.

These will be removed in the next major version release.


  • Absorb LICENSE and INSTALL files into README.
  • Remove the Xcode Workspace from the top-level source checkout; the less clutter the better and this doesn't seem to serve any function.
  • Change to use AppleDoc for creating API documentation. This results in output looking more consistent with Apple's documentation.


  • Replace use of INFINITY with HUGE_VAL where used as double (reported by Antoine Cœur)
  • Correctly parse -0.0 as a JSON number (Cary Yang)

3.1.1 (August 4th, 2012)

Bugfix release. This release is special in that it mainly contains code by other people. Thanks guys!

  • Fix bug that could result in a long long overflow (Ole André Vadla Ravnås)
  • Make SINGLETON thread safe (Alen Zhou)
  • Updated .gitattributes to say that tests are binary files (Phill Baker)
  • Fix string formatter warning in new XCode (Andy Brett)
  • Fix issue that could lead to "bad access" or zombie errors (jonkean)
  • Update links to API docs

3.1 (March 26th, 2012)

Automatic Reference Counting

3.1 requires Xcode 4.2 to build, because previous versions did not have ARC support. If you can't use Xcode 4.2, or for some reason can't use ARC, you need to stick with version 3.0.

To make this move simpler I decided to move to 64-bit only & remove instance variables for properties.


  • Added an optional comparator that is used when sorting keys.
  • Be more memory-efficient when parsing long strings containing escaped characters.
  • Add a Workspace that includes the sample projects, for ease of browsing.
  • Report error for numbers with exponents outside range of -128 to 127.

3.0 (June 18th, 2011)

JSON Stream Support

We now support parsing of documents split into several NSData chunks, like those returned by NSURLConnection. This means you can start parsing a JSON document before it is fully downloaded. Depending how you configure the delegates you can chose to have the entire document delivered to your process when it's finished parsing, or delivered bit-by-bit as records on a particular level finishes downloading. For more details see SBJsonStreamParser and SBJsonStreamParserAdapter in the API docs.

There is also support for writing to JSON streams. This means you can write huge JSON documents to disk, or an HTTP destination, without having to hold the entire structure in memory. You can use this to generate a stream of tick data for a stock trading simulation, for example. For more information see SBJsonStreamWriter in the API docs.

Parse and write UTF8-encoded NSData

The internals of SBJsonParser and SBJsonWriter have been rewritten to be NSData based. It is no longer necessary to convert data returned by NSURLConnection into an NSString before feeding it to the parser. The old NSString-oriented API methods still exists, but now converts their inputs to NSData objects and delegates to the new methods.

Project renamed to SBJson

The project was renamed to avoid clashing with Apple's private JSON.framework. (And to make it easier to Google for.)

  • If you copy the classes into your project then all you need to update is to change the header inclusion from #import "JSON.h" to #import "SBJson.h".
  • If you link to the library rather than copy the classes you have to change the library you link to. On the Mac JSON.framework became SBJson.framework. On iOS libjson.a became libsbjson-ios.a. In both cases you now have to #import <SBJson/SBJson.h> in your code.

API documentation integrated with Xcode

The script allows you to generate API documentation from the source and install it into Xcode, so it's always at your fingertips. (This script requires Doxygen to be installed.) After running the script from the top-level directory, open Xcode's documentation window and search for SBJson. (You might have to close and re-open Xcode for the changes to take effect.)

Example Projects

These can be found in the Examples folder in the distribution.

  • TweetStream: An exampleshowing how to use the new streaming functionality to interact with Twitter's multi-document streams. This also shows how to link to the iOS static lib rather than having to copy the classes into your project.
  • DisplayPretty: A small Mac example project showing how to link to an external JSON framework rather than copying the sources into your project. This is a fully functional (though simplistic) application that takes JSON input from a text field and presents it nicely formatted into another text field.