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Unnecessary script phase in build #40

MrNoodle opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I noticed that JSON.h has conditional compilation based on a hardcoded "1" which is replaced via a shell script build phase. Maybe I'm missing something here, but couldn't you just have it be #ifdef SOMETHING and add -DSOMETHING to the CFLAGS in the build settings for the appropriate targets? Seems less error-prone (especially since I'm seeing another issue concerning the script).


I agree that this is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HACK. But I couldn't figure out another way that satisfied all these:

  • Don't force users to put -DSOMETHING in their CFLAGS
  • Works on iPhone / Mac, both when:
    • copied into your app
    • using the static lib / framework

I'm not sure if I follow. The CFLAGS would be set in the targets to build the frameworks/library. Just use #ifndef SOMETHING and if the CFLAGS aren't set (i.e. user copies the files into their own project), then it works fine.


I couldn't make it work... Care to make a patch? :)


Hmm, trying it out I see where it breaks down. Though, whenever I copy third party code into my projects, I do tend to stick them into their own dir so the imports would work fine. Not sure if that is something you want to require though.

@stig stig closed this issue from a commit
@stig Introduce an indirection and some slight of hand into the header incl…
…udes so we can use the same top-level header name for iOS/Mac libraries and when copying the sources into your project. Fixes #40
@stig stig closed this in 8cabcf4
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