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About Attribution

I get a lot of questions like these:

We're looking to use the framework in an upcoming iPhone application and my company has some concerns about the legality of using the framework. Do you require specific attribution when using the framework?

First: thanks for asking! :-)

Second: Yes, I (now) do. Despite what I have previously said elsewhere (on StackOverflow and elsewhere) I now believe that the BSD license I'm using requires you to put an attribution in your app (or documentation) where people can see it. I realise that it can be hard to find the right place for this information, so here's a list of examples of how other people have dealt with this, to give you some ideas:

  • iOS: In Settings: General -> About -> Legal.
  • Facebook: In Settings: Facebook -> About.
  • Flickr: Click (i) icon at top left, then click Credits.
  • Google Maps: Clear the search field. Click the button in the lower-right corner to expose extra options and click the "List" button, then click the Legal Notices... link that occurs at the bottom.
  • Instagram: On profile page (bottom far right button) -> About -> Libraries.

Amnesty for version 1.x and 2.x releases

I previously gave the (bad) advice that attribution was not necessary. I hereby grant an amnesty from the attribution clause for apps using any release prior to the 3.0 series (including any alpha / beta releases). I would appreciate if you updated your app to comply with the license as part of a future release, but I would not expect you to rush out a release just to fix this.

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