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Who uses this library?

  • iOS / iPhone OS version 3.0 and above credits this library. This can be seen by going to Settings -> General -> About -> Legal and scrolling about 1/3 of the way down.
  • Google Maps, included with every iOS/iPhoneOS device. It's a bit difficult to find the link to the legal notices in the app, but their legal notes are online.

Below is a list of other users:

Flickr for iOS / iPhoneOS

Click the little 'i' icon in the top left, then the Credits button; scroll down.


A simple, fast Twitter Client for your iPhone and iPod Touch. Available through the iPhone App Store.


Lets you export photos to SmugMug directly from iPhoto.


CouchFS is a MacFUSE file system that allows you access to CouchDB databases and files. Using CouchFS will allow you to mount your CouchDB system and edit/browse CouchDB files like any typical file on your OS X file system.


This Objective-C/Cocoa wrapper implements the logic for AOL's openAIM WIM protocol.

AIM for iPhone

AIM keeps you connected to the people you care about right on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Mobile AIM lets you communicate whenever you want, wherever you are, in whatever way suits you best. Connect with friends and family and keep track of status and presence updates in real time.


Twitter search for your iPhone. Summizer quickly and easily tracks Twitter and follows the trends you care about. Don't waste time entering your searches over and over again. Summizer allows you to save your search terms for 1 touch access later. Waiting in line for something? Open up Summizer and track all of your trends in under a minute.


It’s the ultimate remote control software for Logitech® Squeezebox™ players and the SqueezeCenter server. Have full control over the music all over your home with your iPhone or iPod touch.


This family of frameworks use JSON for communication between the JavaScript and Objective-C sides of applications. They are a framework that allows you to write your application in JavaScript and still have it be installable. It is kinda like 'Air for the iPhone/Mac'.

Brackets for iPhone

  • NCAA men’s college basketball tournament bracket manager
  • Store multiple brackets
  • View game scores in real time
  • See how your picks are doing at a glance

Quick Search Box for the Mac

Google Quick Search Box is an open source search box that allows you to search data on your computer and across the web.

ikoo for iPhone

ikoo lets you read and publish posts (called "clucks") on the Koornk social network.


Access from the iPhone


For OS X Safari and the iPhone.

Pucker for iPhone

An action/strategy/puzzle game.

  • Interfaces with web service for game scores and artificial intelligence
  • Stores game data in NSUserDefaults to provide object persistence compatible with OS 2.0

KookJij for iPhone

Dutch/Belgian recipies app which retreives all data through a JSON interface.

PushBirthdays for iPhone

Uses SBJSON almost everywhere when downloading data from the server

WorldView and WorldView Live for iPhone

WorldView brings the world into your pocket. Watch places all over the world in fullscreen on your iPhone or iPod touch when connected to the internet. Search for a place, for webcams nearby, or take a look at popular webcams from around the world.


The iPhone driver for the WebDriver testing library.


dokiru is a location-aware social network that is aimed to serve both general consumers and businesses. It encourages users to get out, discover new places and connect with other people nearby. Users can send messages, share their photos, visit (or “check-in” to) places, see who else on dokiru? is currently visiting, and participate in discussions at those venues.

Roadside America

Backed up by 25 years of research and the latest eyewitness reports, the Roadside America App for iPhone is your best mobile guide to the weird and wacky along the road.

(It also uses SBJSON to digest all those tasty server responses!)

AnyHub for iPhone

Uploading client for the popular web service anyhub!

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