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The path to the GitHub was not working (missing uppercase)
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2 parents 2c0f8e3 + 212d730 commit 235ca524efb5126d4609c47ac11dc1e7d2654b92 @Marak Marak committed May 9, 2011
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# JSONLoops
JSONLoops is a multi-user audio sequencer reminiscent of Fruityloops. Audio playback is handled by node.js servers, while multiple browsers act as control devices. Songs are stored in the JSONloop format, which are simply nested JSON arrays.
@@ -30,7 +29,7 @@ We'll be replacing this last step with a much easier process soon.
To get started, you'll want to clone the JSONloops project and use the demo server
- git clone
+ git clone
cd jsonloops
node server.js

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