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A custom little node.js irc bot based on node-irc
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NodeJS IRC bot with plugin support

How to get it

npm install ircbot

Or you can clone this repo.

How to use it

Check out example/bot.js for creating an instance of the bot.



This plugin provides an interface for dealing with the bot via irc. It provides two main commands currently: !load and !unload. Both take a plugin name, and then a combination of allow/deny parameters for channels/nicks.

If you wanted to run the dice plugin on #chan1 and #chan2, and not reply to PMs, do:

!load dice chan:#chan1,#chan2 !pm

If you wanted to have the admin plugin only work for user Joe, do:

!load admin nick:joe

If you wanted the dice plugin to only respond to PMs, do:

!load dice !chan

If you wanted to ban Joe and Schmoe from the dice plugin, do:

!load dice !nick:Joe,Schmoe

If you want to block all PMs and block Joe from using the dice plugin in a chan, do:

!load dice !nick:Joe !pm

If chan and !chan, or nick and !nick are found, the allow versions override the deny versions. If no allow/deny parameters are specified, it will respond to all channel messages and all PMs.


This plugin provides a die roller, and also a limited calculator along with it. It will parse each line for dice expressions, evaluate them all, then return the results.

For example:

Joe: I attack at [1d20+8] and deal [2d6+3] damage!
Bot: Joe: [1d20+8] => 13,8 => 21, [2d6+3] => 3,6,3 => 12


This plugin will allow one game of farkle per channel. When loaded, you should use the !pm option to block out PM use of this plugin (this is likely to be fixed in a future version).

use !help to learn more about this plugin.

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