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title: "What binaries do gtk-vnc supply? (pacman)"
title: "What binaries does a program supply? (pacman)"
date: 2017-06-24 11:27:35 +0200
categories: pacman vnc gtk-vnc mac archlinux
categories: pacman archlinux
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Installed `gtk-vnc` to connect to a locally connected Mac via VNC. Had trouble finding out what binaries it supplied.
I installed `gtk-vnc` to connect to a locally connected Mac via VNC, but
after installation I had no idea what binaries was installed.

With `pacman`, you can use `-Ql` flags to list a package's provided files.

$ pacman -Ql gtk-vnc | grep bin
gtk-vnc /usr/bin/
gtk-vnc /usr/bin/gvnccapture
gtk-vnc /usr/bin/gvncviewer

Now I know.

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