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Import LastPass .csv file to pass
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Import LastPass .csv file to pass


$ git clone
$ npm install


$ cat ~/lastpass.csv | node index.js

This program imports all the records as into pass insert lastpass/${}.

Expected to work with the .csv file you get to see when exporting from the LastPass Chrome extension.

Export LastPass records to CSV

  1. Open the LastPass extension menu
  2. More options -> Advanced -> Export -> LastPass CSV File
  3. Enter your master password
  4. Save the contents to a file in a secure location on your hard drive

Important: Delete the CSV file when done

Known errors

  • Does not handle duplicate entries very well. If two records with the same resolved are imported, the last one processed will overwrite the previous ones.

Why import to pass?

I want to be in full control over my own passwords and know exactly how they are stored and used. Additionally, I don't want to use the LastPass browser extension any more as it injects JavaScript into all pages I visit and manipulates the DOM. This messes with debugging and performance tests when I'm developing web applications.

I really like the simplicity of pass and I hope move will push me into creating my own autofiller.

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