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The Drupal.sugar is a plugin for the Mac text editor Espresso (macrabbit.com).
It provides code sense and snippets for the Drupal API making a Drupal dev's life that much easier.
(Beware: Currently only Drupal 6 is supported.)

This sugar is under (semi-)active development. Currently supported are:

  • recognition of drupal files as php (module, install, profile)
  • autocomplete of most API functions
  • autocomplete of most common Drupal variables
  • autocomplete for Drupal constants
  • lookup
  • form api snippets

The version numbers

There are currently two branches:

  • 1.x-6.1.x
  • 2.x-6.1.x

The first number is the Espresso version (1.x or 2.x). After the dash is the Drupal version followed by the plugin version.


  • Choose one of the packages in the downloads section.
  • Unzip
  • Double click

Espresso will launch and install the sugar.

If you want the latest changes you can eiter

  1. Download the source (make sure everything is packaged in a folder called Drupal.sugar and double click the package).
  2. Clone the project to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Sugars/Drupal.sugar This way you can pull in the latest changes.


Code sense will trigger for all Drupal documents (when looking at a document you can check this via the menu View > Language. Drupal PHP should be selected.)

When a Drupal document is active the actions dropdown will have an item Drupal. You can access snippets and actions throught this menu item.

Form snippets

In the Drupal actions menu you will find al list of snippets for the most common form elements. Each snippet has a text trigger.

textfield + TAB will expand to a $form['key'] = array(); with textfield data.

There is also a blank template for other elements

blank + TAB

Form item properties also have custom triggers, but these are hidden from the menu.

#value + TAB will expand to '#value' => '',
#submit + TAB will expand to '#submit' => array(),

fvalue + TAB will expand to $form['key']['#value'] = TRUE;
fsubmit + TAB will expand to $form['#submit'] => array();


You can quickly lookup code in you default browser with the following shortcuts:

  1. command shift d will search for the selected text on drupal.org
  2. command shift a will serach for the selected text on api.drupal.org

If no text is selected you will go to each respective homepage.

About the author

Drupal.sugar is written by Stijn De Meyere. He is a freelance Drupal dev, who loves working with nice tools on the mac.



Ian Beck for the quick support