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=== MongoWire ===
update/insert: "$cmd"{getlasterror:true}
GridFS (TStream descendant?)
helper methods, figure out how db/collection names work
when data is coming in, send data already (detect TCP packet size?)
async: StartQuery CheckResponse ReadResponse
connection pool
database commands
hint, explain, count, $where
database profiling: set/get profiling level, get profiling info
advanced connection management (replica pairs, slave okay)
automatic reconnection (pair mode?)
tailable cursor support
=== BSON document ===
to/from JSON
to/from XML (IXMLDOMNode)
BSON editor application (to/from file,clipboard...)
lazy parse: keep binary data, only parse when accessed
idea: IBSONDocument pool, pool on free, create from pool
idea: (central) index of key names, use FElements[].KeyIndex
jsonJavascript types as IActiveScript things?
support varByRef?
store bson element type and use when saving
varStrArg for GUIDs?