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A simple RSS/Atom feed reader, just the way I like it (and hope you do to).

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developer notes

feeder for the moment, in an attempt to avoid including a full account management sub-system here, uses a link to tx for user authentication. To get going on a version for yourself that doesn't require tx, in unit xxmSession.pas change UserID:=0; to UserID:=1; and create a record in table User for yourself.

supported feed formats

Name Description
Atom xmlns:atom=""
RSS valid XML that answers to documentElement.selectNodes('channel/item')
RSS-in-JSON as described here
RDF xmlns:rdf="" and/or xmlns:rss=""
Instagram Posts are created from GraphQL query JSON.
SPARQL PREFIX schema: <> SELECT * WHERE { ?news a schema:NewsArticle ...
Tumblr Tumblr has RSS feeds, but since GDPR, requires a consent cookie. I have hardcoded one, but as it expires now and then I need to replace it manually (until I find a better solution or Tumblr no longer requires GDPR consent on RSS fetches)
WordPress API If HTML declares <link rel="", posts are loaded from /wp/v2/posts JSON.
SoundCloud API Use a user's URL to see new tracks as posts.
Titanium Posts are loaded from window['titanium-state']= JSON.
Fusion Posts are loaded from Fusion.globalContent= JSON.
NextData Posts are loaded from <script id="__NEXT_DATA__" type="application/json"> JSON.
NatGeo Posts are loaded from window['__natgeo__']= JSON.
Remix Posts are loaded from window.__remixContext= JSON.
Gatsby Posts are laded from /page-data/index/page-data.json.
HTML Headers are searched for an appropriate <link rel="alternative" element to update to a feed URL.
If none is found, the HTML content is search for one of these patterns:
HTML:P Posts are loaded using a specific set of regular expressions on the raw page HTML data.
more? If you find a site with periodical entries, that doesn't offer an RSS feed, feel free to post an issue on this repo with the URL and ny extra information.


A simple RSS/Atom feed reader, just the way I like it (and hope you do to).







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