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Assorted Productivity Tools

These are a few of my personal productivity tools. They have come into existence one part out of necessity, and one part out of discontent with existing tools. Some date back to 2002 or even earlier, but after a few years of more using and less tweaking and adapting, I've decided to open-source them.


A Windows shell extension that can copy the full path and filename of selected file(s) (and directories), sounds simple, but a task I was peacing together before with the location bar and the properties dialog. Use it to paste the full path in a file dialog when you had the folder view open on beforehand.


Screen real-estate, I like the term, and don't want it wasted, so why show something twice? I wanted a diff that shows what's equal between the two exactly once. Also those that say you can't diff XML's are wrong. Yes you can create XML that's like hell to diff, but in most day-to-day cases a diff based on some or all values does just fine.


Grep is nice, it shows you the lines that have what you entered, but in general it's something in the vicinity you're looking for. DirFind shows you the files in their folder structure, double-click to show the lines with a match, and double-click those to load the adjacent lines!


A quick bitmap displayer. Loads from clipboard if any bitmap there. Lists filenames from command line or drag+dropped from shell. Use mouse wheel to transverse list.


Short for odometer, a device to measure elapsed distance. The initial idea was to create something that showed the distance traveled with the mouse cursor, but collecting activity metrics, including keystrokes and applications switches, turned out to be much more useful. A handy tool to keep track of when exactly you were at your station and what kind of input you were generating.


Got RSI? Or a mouse with buttons behaving badly? Have a click simulated when holding still after a while, or check out the orbit feature (switch it on in the configuration, it's off by default).


Looking for a resizable on-screen keyboard? Or one with a custom keyboard layout? MetaKeys should offer what you need.


You can set the Windows task-bar to auto-hide, but is it there where you want it? Before other options were available to have a task-bar for each screen on a multi-monitor setup, I created this tool to list the windows on one screen, and switch a window between monitors, maximized or not.


If you, when at work, typically have too much windows open to be able to count, and tried several desktop management tools but don't quite find your fit, then try if Boxer can help. Use Boxer to select several windows and move them into a single window. Attention: apparently doesn't play nice with Windows 10...

other tools

These are a few other tools made by me not contained in this repository:

  • RE: "Regular Expression" might be a bit boldly named, but the point was to provide a rich set of options to connect to the ins and outs of one or more regular expressions.
  • tx: an issue tracking tool/website (written in xxm) heavily based on an unlimited layered structure of items/projects/issues/requests...

These are a few other tools, not by me, but which I highly recommend:

  • 7-Zip: my ZIP-archive tool of choice. Supports a wide range of archive file formats.
  • Atom: written by the gentle people over at GitHub, designed to be as versatile as things like Emacs, Sublime; but based on Node.js and Chrome's V8.
  • Ditto-CP: lost something because you copied something new before pasting that last thing? Don't worry, Ditto-CP kept a copy. Once you get the hang of this you'll even start copying things and paste them in a different order.
  • FileZilla: my FTP-client of choice. Also has a great FTP server.
  • The GIMP: my graphics editor of choice.

And there's much more here