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Installing tx from scratch

Follow this guide to start with tx using the source code. There is also a ready-made binary for Windows available here that enables you to use tx with default settings and configuration. Use this to set up a tx database to your needs, but when setting up a multi-user environment, or completing the full configuration, or especially when you want to have a peek under the hood, it's strongly advised to build tx.xxl from the source code using this guide.


  • xxm: download the Windows binaries, extract and install a handler of your choice. (Or use xxmHttp, see below.)
  • SQLite: download the pre-compiled binary 32-bits Windows dynamic-link library.
  • WikiEngine: download WikiEngine.dll and register it with regsvr32.exe.
  • jQuery: a version of jQuery is included in the source code
  • TSQLite: a version of TSQLiteDatabase is included in the source code
  • TimyMCE: a version of TinyMCE is included in the source code

Step by Step

Create a folder tx to store the tx source (or checkout with git).

Create a file tx.ini and write this line:


(Optionally create a separate directory to hold the database file(s), ideally outside of the folders accessible via web hosting, and specify the (relative) path accordingly.)

Use SQLiteAdmin and tx.sql to create the tx.db file.

Download xxm and install a handler of your choice. Register tx.xxl with the xxm handler. (The file itself does not exist yet, it will be compiled based on Web.xxmp.) If you don't want to use already present web-hosting software, extract xxmHttp.exe and create the required xxm.xml to register the tx.xxl module (see an example here).

Navigate a browser to the URL of the tx project, e.g. http://localhost:8080/tx/

Configure the tx installation to your needs, see Configure