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@stijnsanders stijnsanders released this May 3, 2018 · 10 commits to master since this release

  • project registry "xxm.json" (auto-conversion of "xxm.xml")

  • project file "Web.xxmp" JSON (auto-conversion from XML)


    xxmProject and xxm handlers are fitted with a transitional
    automatic conversion procedure that will convert XML project files (Web.xxmp)
    and the project registry (xxm.xml) into JSON files. (Web.xxmp in place,
    storing a Web_xxmp.bak copy; xxm.json)
    This may cause incompatibilities if different xxm versions are required to
    coexist on the same installation(s).
    This procedure (and all code using XML) is scheduled to be removed at a
    later, currently undetermined, version.

  • fixed issue with custom parserValues spilling into next file processed

  • IXxm* interfaces: all string arguments now with 'const'


    This may cause errors on generated xxmp.pas:

      xxmp.pas() Error: Declaration of 'LoadPage' differs from previous declaration
      xxmp.pas() Error: Declaration of 'LoadFragment' differs from previous declaration

    Please update both methods by adding 'const' to the arguments with a string type.

  • xxmIsapi*: Redirect: set 'Cache-control' to 'nocache' unless it was set already

  • xxmHttpAU: added manifest to avoid default UAC elevation request

  • xxmHttp,xxmHSys: Transfer-Encoding chunked (set Context.BufferSize to something >0 !!!)

  • xxmHttp,xxmHSys: NTLM authentication (using SSPI, add "ntlm":true to the project in xxm.json)

  • xxmHSys2: WebSocket support

  • DispositionAttach: replace unacceptable characters (/:*?"<>|) with '_'

  • SendFile, SendStream before header sent, will by default have ContentType
    application/octet-stream instead of text/html, unless already set before
    (with Context.ContentType!)

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