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xxmp.pas interfaces all string arguments with const Apr 20, 2018


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<h3>xxm Demo Projects - 13 WebSockets</h3>
<p>This is a demo project showing how to use <code>xxmWebSocket.pas</code> to implement a <a href="">WebSocket</a>.</p>

<dd>The project file, contains an internal list of the files of the project, and other data about the project.<br />
Use <i>xxmProject.exe</i> to edit and manage project settings.<br />
For this demonstration project, unit <code>ws1.pas</code> was added.</dd>
<dd>The project's main unit. When this file is missing form the project, xxm creates one for you.<br/>
This one has been modified so that the project class implements <code>IXxmProjectEvents1</code> to listen in on when the project needs to 'release its contexts' prior to shutting down. Without this, existing WebSocket connections would stall the auto-update or auto-update feature of the xxm handler.</dd>
<dd>The website's default page. Attempts to create a <code>WebSocket</code> instance (if your browser supports this), shows incoming messages, and provides a way to send messages.</dd>
<dd>Defines a class <code>TMyWebSocket</code> that inherits from <code>TXxmWebSocket</code>.<br />
It responds to incoming messages after a fixed delay.<br />
It also uses a thread to check periodically when the sum of hours, minutes and seconds is a prime number, then sends a message.<br />
<code>TXxmWebSocket</code> implements <code>IXxmPage</code> and is added to the fragment registry to map it to a local URL.<br />
A global variable is used to let the project object signal if it's going to shut down. In larger projects it's advised to use a registry of existing (connected) instances of <code>TXxmWebSocket</code>.</dd>
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