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Elm Analyse

A tool that allows you to analyse your Elm code, identify deficiencies and apply best practices.




The following binaries should be available on the path:

node >=8
elm  0.19.x
elm-format (a version that is compatible with the source code you wish to analyse)


npm install -g elm-analyse

or if using yarn:

yarn global add elm-analyse


Change to the directory of Elm project you want to analyse and run elm-analyse.

Add the -s option for server mode. This will allow you to view results in your browser. To change the port use -p XXXX

CLI Options

Option Description
--help or -h Print the help output.
--serve or -s Enable server mode. Disabled by default.
--port or -p The port on which the server should listen. Defaults to 3000 (--port=3000).
--open or -o Open default browser when server goes live.
--elm-format-path Path to elm-format. Defaults to elm-format.
--version or -v Print version of software.
--format Output format for CLI. Defaults to "human". Valid values are either "human" or "json".

Supported Checks

All supported checks can be found in the check documentation.

Analysis Configuration

Checks can be enable or configured based on your preferences. For this see the Configuration Docs.


If you have feature ideas or checks that you wish to see, please create an issue. Please check that you do not create duplicate issues or a check for which we already have a report.


Please see the docs

Library Setup

The library is divided into the following main modules:

  • Analyser: The main file that bootstraps the analysis and maintains the core state.
  • ASTUtil.*: Utility functions for fact extraction on the AST.
  • Analyser.Checks.*: All the checks that are performed.
  • Analyser.Fixes.*: All the fixes that can be performed.
  • Analyser.Messages.*: All messages that can be produced and the supporting functions.
  • Client.*: Front-end code for running in 'server' mode.

The code that represents the Elm syntax and the parsing is supported by the elm-syntax package.