A .NET wrapper for NVIDIA PhysX 3.4.0 written using C++/CLI.
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PM> Install-Package PhysX.Net -Prerelease

Build all the things!

A zip of all relevant DLLs and samples - http://stilldesign.co.nz/PhysX


PhysX.Net 0.10.0-alpha for NVIDIA PhysX 3.4.1

  • Targets PhysX 3.4.1
  • 64 bit version only
  • Dependencies
  • Remaining:
    • Vehicle sample and a few related classes
    • Attach/Detach shape from an actor (recently added, but needs testing)
    • Getting started guide for people
    • Serialization
    • Broad Phase
    • Deletion Listener



  • Visual Studio 2017
  • VC++ 2015.4 v140 toolset for desktop (x86,x64) - needed to build PhysX itself. If you've built PhysX already, this could be ignored.


Compile PhysX

  • Clone the PhysX repo
  • Open the solution and select the debug configuration
  • You'll need to change all the projects to use Multi-threaded Debug DLL in order for them to be consumed by .NET
    • Select all the projects in the solution explorer, right click, properties, C/C++, Code Generation and change Runtime Library to Multi-threaded Debug DLL (/MDd)

Compile PhysX.Net

  • Clone this repo
  • The default location of the PhysX 3.4 repo directory is F:\PhysX-3.4\PhysX_3.4
    • To specify an alternative location on your computer: define the environment variable NVIDIAPhysX34SDK. You can do this by running setx NVIDIAPhysX34SDK "C:\PhysX-3.4\PhysX_3.4" /M (as administrator).