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This is a jabber bot that tweets someone's Jabber statuses (presences), because Reasons.

It's implemented in Twisted, you can check requirements.txt for a full prerequisite list.

The app checks twitter at a (configurable) interval, then posts the latest status it found. It is (I am) lazy and it relies on the fact that Twitter won't let you post duplicate tweets.

You'll need both a registered twitter app and token to make this work. Copy the config.pysample file to config.py, then fill in your CONSUMER_TOKEN and CONSUMER_SECRET. You can then run get_auth.py to get an ACCESS_TOKEN and ACCESS_SECRET.

Once everything's set up in the config file, you can run twisted -y statusbot.trac

I've not been able to find any other examples of interacting with Twitter using Twisted, so perhaps that will be useful to someone.