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Yet another boilerplate for Middleman

Just because I wanted to have it my way


  • Middleman (SASS, HTML)
  • Simple SASS structure (colors, vars...)
  • Bourbon, Normalize, Modular-Scale. As (removable) ruby gems
  • Javascript in partials
  • Middleman-deploy

How to use (Linux/Unix)

  • Clone this repo under ~/.middleman . It will be available as Middleman theme for any project you want
  • I assume you alredy have ruby installed
  • Run cd /path/to/your/new/website
  • Run middleman init -B --template=yetanothermiddlemanboilerplate
  • Run bundle install --path=vendor/bundle to install the required gems (they will be inline with the current config)
  • You might need to adjust config.rb to match your exact assets path to vendor/bundle/something/something...
  • Run bundle exec middleman
  • Go to http://localhost:4567, your website should be ready with all the SASS files compiled


  • Develop something cool
  • git init
  • Commit and push (.gitignore will ignore build and vendor folders)
  • Setup your remote repo url in the deploy params of config.rb
  • Run bundle exec middleman deploy. The static code (build folder) should now be in the compiled branch of your remote repo.