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Still Maintained?

Project Status

Finally a place to mark (or check) an open source project if abandoned or looking for a new maintainer.

Originally created by @jkreeftmeijer, this project was ported to CakePHP 3.0 by yours truly in what started as an experiment. I decided to release it as the, long overdue now, new version of the site hoping it also helps people working with CakePHP.


(read: brain dump)

  • ca-ching, ca-ching, caching (Redis)
  • tests, enough said
  • continuous integration (Travis or CircleCI)
  • improve API (aim for RESTful?)
  • seed database for development (Faker)
  • key indicators (last commit date, last owner/collaborator reply to issue, # of opened/closed issues/PRs, etc.)
  • Bitbucket integration
  • extensions (browser, package managers)
  • Capistrano task to create tmp/.env from ERB template

Contributing needs your help to become awesome. If you have a great idea, please create an issue. It would be better if you forked the project, implemented your idea and sent me a pull request too. Just sayin'.;))

Getting up and running

To make it dead simple, a Vagrant box is included. Clone the repo:

  1. Clone the repo:
$ git clone
$ cd stillmaintained
  1. Define your Github application credentials:
$ sudo $EDITOR tmp/.env
  1. Setup local domain:
$ sudo echo '' >> /etc/hosts
  1. Start the VM:
$ vagrant up
  1. Check the website by going to If you run into any issues, please let us know. :)


I'd like to thank:

  • Linode, sponsor. Reliable and well priced hosting.
  • @doriath88, for sticking around so long.
  • @jkreeftmeijer, for entrusting me with this project.
  • [CakePHP contributors], cake3 is dope!

There are more people to thank, those are just the main ones.