Is stillmaintained still maintained? #59

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@davisonio seems to have expired...

/cc @jeffkreeftmeijer


@jadb has been maintaining the project for the last couple of years. What's up Jad? :)


Yes, the links to badges it provides for projects README's are broken. The irony...


The domain gets deleted 30 days after expiration date (December 28) I believe, so we don't have long. I wouldn't like for this great project to die... @jadb


pinging also @doriath


Looks like the domain is now on backorder and bidding has started... Currently at $69.

jadb commented Jan 8, 2016

Arg! What?! Very long story...

I am in contact with who are auctioning it to try and deal a buy it now price (they initially asked for 5K).

Once all this is (hopefully) resolved, I'll get time to write more on the WTF.

Potherca commented Mar 7, 2016

Everything linking to is already broken as-is. Why not just use a different domain (like .center, .directory, .help or .software or something less exotic like .net) and tell BuyDomains to stuff it?

jadb commented Mar 7, 2016

I have thought of this but then I found out about this badges/shields#607 and in its current state, SM doesn't do much more than having the user update it (doesn't automatically tell if stale). Which makes a badge on shields acts the same with the only difference that there is no UI to manage the status of ones' collection of projects.

I had plans to automate some stuff by making it work with to get a feeling of a repository's heartbeat and that would pump so new life into the project but been so short on time 😞

Anyone cares to help?

Potherca commented Mar 7, 2016

I'm afraid I don't really have any time to contribute 😞. Anyone else?

maxlinc commented May 17, 2016

Is the data lost or just the domain?

jadb commented May 18, 2016

Just the domain.

davisonio commented May 18, 2016 edited

What do we think it the next step here? I don't think there's any point in going through the BuyDomains route - they're incredibly expensive.

As for myself contributing, I may possibly be able to help in a few ways here and there.

A few ways forward:

  • someone splash out the cash from BuyDomains
  • use a new domain e.g.,
    • perhaps write a GitHub bot to help fix the broken links
  • change (domain) name of project + also a new direction and roadmap for the project

Let's not forget another two projects that exist and that are also similar.

rnhurt commented Aug 26, 2016

It might be helpful to get a dump of the data. Maybe we can get a Jekyll page up and running and use pull requests to update the status of the applications.

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