R interface for Quilt Data Package Manager
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An R package to Quilt data package manager. See docs and GitHub

This package is in reasonable shape and covers most of the Quilt Python API. Pull requests, issue reports, and further testing are very welcome.


  • devtools::install_github('stillmatic/quiltr')
  • pip install quilt
  • pip install git+git://github.com/quiltdata/quilt - you probably need this

If you have trouble testing in Rstudio, follow instructions to set the proper PATH for Rstudio.


Load data file:

seattle <- qload("akarve.seattle_911", "responses")
## Warning: Coercing int64 to double

## Warning: Coercing int64 to double
seattle %>% head %>% knitr::kable()
CAD CDW ID CAD Event Number General Offense Number Event Clearance Code Event Clearance Description Event Clearance SubGroup Event Clearance Group Event Clearance Date Hundred Block Location District/Sector Zone/Beat Census Tract Longitude Latitude Incident Location Initial Type Description Initial Type Subgroup Initial Type Group At Scene Time
15736 10000246357 2010246357 242 FIGHT DISTURBANCE DISTURBANCES DISTURBANCES 07/17/2010 08:49:00 PM 3XX BLOCK OF PINE ST M M2 8100.2001 -122.33814674799999 47.610975163 (47.610975163, -122.338146748)
15737 10000246471 2010246471 65 THEFT - MISCELLANEOUS THEFT OTHER PROPERTY 07/17/2010 08:50:00 PM 36XX BLOCK OF DISCOVERY PARK BLVD Q Q1 5700.1012 -122.404612874 47.65832489899999 (47.658324899, -122.404612874)
15738 10000246255 2010246255 250 MISCHIEF, NUISANCE COMPLAINTS NUISANCE, MISCHIEF COMPLAINTS NUISANCE, MISCHIEF 07/17/2010 08:55:00 PM 21XX BLOCK OF 3RD AVE M M2 7200.2025 -122.342843234 47.613551471 (47.613551471, -122.342843234)
15739 10000246473 2010246473 460 TRAFFIC (MOVING) VIOLATION TRAFFIC RELATED CALLS TRAFFIC RELATED CALLS 07/17/2010 09:00:00 PM 7XX BLOCK OF ROY ST D D1 7200.1002 -122.341846999 47.625401388 (47.625401388, -122.341846999)
15740 10000246330 2010246330 250 MISCHIEF, NUISANCE COMPLAINTS NUISANCE, MISCHIEF COMPLAINTS NUISANCE, MISCHIEF 07/17/2010 09:00:00 PM 9XX BLOCK OF ALOHA ST D D1 6700.1009 -122.339708605 47.627424837 (47.627424837, -122.339708605)
15741 10000246477 2010246477 281 SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES 07/17/2010 09:02:00 PM 30XX BLOCK OF W GOVERNMENT WAY Q Q1 5700.2005 -122.39662681 47.66131158 (47.66131158, -122.39662681)

Create a package:

qbuild("hua/iris", README.md = readme, iris = iris)
qpush("hua/iris", TRUE)

Design Philosophy

Given that the bulk of development on the Quilt project is done in Python, it makes sense to provide wrappers to the Python code for non-essential commands, and provide native R code to handle import/export of data only. Additionally, the Quilt project is under heavy development; rather than reimplementing this moving target in R, we can use

Many of the commands named by Quilt conflict with existing R functions, especially in base, e.g. search or ls. To avoid confusion we generally will prefix functions with q.

This package makes extensive use of the R package reticulate to interface with Python. The file IO and conversion is done via the feather project, in lieu of R support for Apache Arrow (see, e.g. ARROW-1325 and other stuff on the arrow-dev listserv).