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Automatically gets credentials for Amazon ECR on docker push/docker pull
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Amazon ECR Docker Credential Helper

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The Amazon ECR Docker Credential Helper is a credential helper for the Docker daemon that makes it easier to use Amazon Elastic Container Registry.


You must have at least Docker 1.11 installed on your system.

You also must have AWS credentials available in one of the standard locations:

  • The ~/.aws/credentials file
  • The AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables
  • An IAM role for Amazon EC2
  • If you are working with an assumed role please set the environment variable: AWS_SDK_LOAD_CONFIG=true also.

The Amazon ECR Docker Credential Helper uses the same credentials as the AWS CLI and the AWS SDKs. For more information about configuring AWS credentials, see Configuration and Credential Files in the AWS Command Line Interface User Guide.

The credentials must have a policy applied that allows access to Amazon ECR.


To build and install the Amazon ECR Docker Credential Helper, we suggest golang 1.6+ and git and make installed on your system.

You can install this via go get with:

go get -u

If you already have Docker environment, just clone this repository anywhere and run make docker. This command builds the binary by Go inside the Docker container and output it to local directory.

With TARGET_GOOS environment variable, you can also cross compile the binary.

Place the docker-credential-ecr-login binary on your PATH and set the contents of your ~/.docker/config.json file to be:

	"credsStore": "ecr-login"

This configures the Docker daemon to use the credential helper for all Amazon ECR registries.

With Docker 1.13.0 or greater, you can configure Docker to use different credential helpers for different registries. To use this credential helper for a specific ECR registry, create a credHelpers section with the URI of your ECR registry:

	"credHelpers": {
		"": "ecr-login"

This is useful if you use docker to operate on registries that use different authentication credentials.


docker pull

docker push

There is no need to use docker login or docker logout.


Logs from the Amazon ECR Docker Credential Helper are stored in ~/.ecr/log.

For more information about Amazon ECR, see the the Amazon Elastic Container Registry User Guide.


The Amazon ECR Docker Credential Helper is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

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