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"Docker made Easy for Real People"

Derp is a command line helper tool for Docker to take away some of the muscle strain of typing out the some old docker command invocations again and again during the develop-test-build cycle.


derp <command> [options...]


  • alias <alias>[<run arguments>] <image> [-- <command>]

    Set default arguments for a given image. The arguments are the same as those given to docker run. Any --name argument will be overriden by the provided alias.


      derp alias db:mysql -d -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root
      derp alias shell:ubuntu -ti -- /bin/bash
  • up [<run arguments>] <alias> [-- <command>]

    Start a docker container as per configuration previously given to the alias command. If there is a stopped container named <alias>, derp will attempt to start it.

    Any run arguments will be appended to any set on the alias. If a command is provided, it will replace any set on the alias.


      derp up db
      derp up -d shell -- tail -f /var/log/dmesg
  • down <alias>

    Stop the container named <alias>.

  • status

    Lists all containers along with some information.

  • graph [<container>]

    Draw a graph of all containers showing links between them.

  • info [<container>]

    Display details information about all containers.