An unofficial WorkFlowy API written in PHP.
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An unofficial WorkFlowy API written in PHP.


The aim of the API is to keep things simple. Please keep in mind that it is an unofficial tool, and it may stop working at any time.

So, I strongly recommend you not to manipulate sensitive data with this API, and be sure to make regular backups of your lists.


By using Composer:

    "require": {
        "johansatge/workflowy-php": "0.1"

If you do not use Composer, you can download the source files, install it anywhere on your project, and call the providden autoloader file:

<?php require_once '/your/project/root/path/workflowy-php/src/autoload.php';


Login API

Because of the unofficial status of the API, you have to login first, by using your regular credentials, before being able to perform requests on your data.

use WorkFlowyPHP\WorkFlowy;
use WorkFlowyPHP\WorkFlowyException;
    $session_id = WorkFlowy::login('', 'password');
catch (WorkFlowyException $e)

The $session_id variable will be used later, when performing requests.

You have to use your unencoded password in your code. So I strongly advise you to store it in a different file, or ask it once to the user, then store the session ID. (But keep in mind that the session does not last forever.) This is a huge limitation, but for now there is no workaround.

Lists API

Lists-related stuff is managed with the recursive WorkFlowySublist class.

First, you will need to get the main (root) list.

use WorkFlowyPHP\WorkFlowyList;

$list_request = new WorkFlowyList($session_id);
$list = $list_request->getList();

Then, you will be able to perform the following operations on the resulting $list, or its sublists.

Get the informations of a list

Function Returns Description
$list->getID(); string Get the ID of the list
$list->getName(); string Get the name of the list
$list->getDescription(); string Get the description of the list
$list->getParent(); WorkFlowySublist Get the parent of the list
$list->isComplete(); boolean Get the status of the list
$list->getCompletedTime(); int Get the completed time of the list (Unix timestamp)
$list->getLastModifiedTime(); int Get the last modified time of the list (Unix timestamp)
$list->getOPML(); string Get the list and its sublists as an OPML string
$list->getSublists(); array Get the sublists of the list
$list->searchSublist('/My sublist name/'); WorkFlowySublist Returns the first child list matching the given name
$list->searchSublist('/My sublist name/', array('get_all' => true)); array Returns all children lists matching the given name

Edit the informations of a list

Function Parameters Description
$list->setName('My sublist'); string Sets the list name
$list->setDescription('My sublist description'); string Sets the list description
$list->setParent($parent_list, 2); WorkFlowySublist,int Sets the list parent and its position
$list->setComplete(true); boolean Sets the list status
$list->createSublist('My sublist name', 'My sublist description', 9); string,string,int Creates a sublist

The methods below are used to edit data.

Keep in mind that they will send requests to the server, but not update the existing variables.

For instance, if you change the parent of a list and call the getSublists() method on its old parent, the list will still be present in the resulting array.

Account API

Function Returns Description
$account_request = new WorkFlowyAccount($session_id); WorkFlowyAccount Gets an account object
$account_request->getUsername(); string Gets his username
$account_request->getEmail(); string Gets his email address
$account_request->getTheme(); string Gets his selected theme
$account_request->getItemsCreatedInMmonth(); int Gets the number of items created during the month
$account_request->getMonthlyQuota(); int Gets his monthly quota
$account_request->getRegistrationDate('d-m-Y'); string Gets his registration date
Leave the format empty to use the default value ('Y-m-d H:i:s')
Give the 'timestamp' value to get the timestamp instead of a date.


Version Date Notes
0.1.3 2017-02-28 Add $list->getCompletedTime() & $list->getLastModifiedTime() methods (#5)
Fix OPML encoding (#4)
0.1.2 2016-06-26 Fix searchSublistwith get_all option (@hirechrismeyers)
0.1.1 2015-08-25 Fix case of filenames (@citywill)
0.1 2015-01-01 Initial version


This project is released under the MIT License.