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Analyzers to make developing durable azure functions more reliable
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Durable Functions Analyzer

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This is a collection of analyzers to save you from making some common mistakes with Durable Azure Functions.

An example of one of the analyzers finding an incorrectly named function call

An example of one of the analyzers finding a function call with the wrong argument type

The why

Function calls in durable functions are written in a way which can introduce errors in your code which won't be found until run time. In the interests of shifting warnings left these analyzers catch a number of common mistakes.

  • Using the wrong name to refer to a function call
  • Passing the wrong arguments
  • Casting to the wrong return type (not just yet)

How to use them

The analyzers are distributed as a nuget package. To install it all you need to do is run

dotnet add package DurableFunctionsAnalyzer


Install-Package DurableFunctionsAnalyzer

You also need to turn on Enable full solution analysis to see the warnings in Visual Studio.

Enable full solution analysis

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