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Cinder port of Second Story's ofxWMFVideoPlayer addon. Allows playback of videos and routing of audio to specific audio devices.

Revision History


  • Potion forked 266Hz's version
  • Added features / utility functions:
    • Signal when video finishes playing
    • Video Fill types: FILL, ASPECT_FILL and CROP_FIT
    • StepForward 1 frame
  • Some bug fixes:
    • Prevent crash when window is closed
    • Video orientation (top-down)
    • Video looping issues
  • Some cleanup


  • 266Hz forked Gazoo101's version
  • Better messaging when URL fails to open
  • Some cleanup


  • Gazoo101 forked djmike's most recent version
  • Attempt to merge the fork with DomAmato's update to the original ofxWMFVideoPlayer
    • Variable rate video playback
    • Asynchronous video loading
  • Added guards to keep IMFTrackedSample from being re-defined
  • Converted some printed error messages to Cinders new error log system


  • djmike forked Stimulants version, updating it in a number of ways
  • Cinder 0.9.0 compatible
  • Video-2-Texture Functionality
  • Various other minor features/improvements


  • Stimulant ported the 0.9 release of ofxWMFVideoPlayer to Cinder (~0.8.6), creating Cinder-WMFVideo


  • ofxWMFVideoPlayer release 0.9 by Philippe Laulheret for Second Story


  • You will need to modify your Cinder build slightly to upgrade to GLee 5.5 which supports the WGL_NV_DX_interop.
    • Copy cinder-src\GLee.c to Cinder\src\cinder\gl\
    • Copy cinder-src\GLee.h to Cinder\include\cinder\gl\
  • Make sure you have an up to date video driver. WGL_NV_DX_interop behaves poorly with older drivers.
  • After copying/cloning this repo to your Cinder blocks folder, use Tinderbox to create a new project and select to use the Cinder-WMFVideo block as either reference or copy.


The ciWMFVideoPlayer class can be used very similarly to qtime::MovieGl. To load a video, pass a path to the video you want to load to ciWMFVideoPlayer::load. Videos can be stopped, looped, paused and the current position of the playhead in the video can be retrieved or set. Currently drawing videos to screen is a bit different than qtime::MovieGl in that you will have to call the ciWMFVideoPlayer::draw method with a screen position and width/height.

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