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PHP JavaScript samples for Stimulsoft Reports.PHP

This repository contains the source code of the examples of usage Stimulsoft Reports.PHP reporting tool in the PHP applications, using HTML/PHP code and JavaScript components.


This repository has website project with some report examples.

Running samples

Samples folder contains all application files, including the 'index.php' file. So all files from this folder are required to be copied on your PHP server (using ftp or http access interface - depending on your hosting provider). Then, in your browser, you can go to the following address: http://you_domain_name/index.php

If you use the PHP server installed on local developers computer: http://localhost/index.php

About Stimulsoft Reports.PHP

Stimulsoft Reports.PHP is a reporting tool designed to create reports in the Internet using a client-server technology. The PHP script works on the server side and controls the report generation. The JavaScript report engine works on the client side and provides a universal mechanism for reports generation almost on any client. Fast and powerful report engine, rich and intuitive interface, deployment and licensing.

You can try the Live Demo

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