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Facebook Credits Assets


Preparing Your Application: 
- Select your application from the right-hand menu on 
- Click "Edit Settings"  
- Click "Advanced" from the left-hand menu and set "OAuth 2.0 for Canvas" to "Enabled" 
- Click "Save Changes" 
- Click "Credits" from the left-hand menu and enter all relevant information. 

Passing Product Information:
The purpose of this example is to demonstrate basic functionality of a credits transaction.  For purposes of clarity and ease, this example passes critical parameters such as a price in the transaction directly.  In order to prevent users from manipulating these fields through Firebug, you should only pass an internal key that points to a products table in your database that stores information such as price and product type.  For example, if you pass "332" your callback.php script would perform a lookup of that value to return the proper item information.

Accessing Your Demo Application:
Point your browser to your Facebook test app at[your-test-app]