JavaScript application framework for HTML5. NOTE: This came out a bit early, I haven't added CSS3 transitions to the default stylesheet. Will update this weekend with some more sizzle (all CSS based, of course).
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jo is a JavaScript framework for HTML5 capable browsers and devices. It's pretty
easy to build on your own, but it does have a few build requirements to do so.

Mac OSX, Linux & BSD

	cd jo
	make -B

If you do not have `make` installed, you may want to install and update your
copy of XCode which is freely available form Apple. The `-B` is required, because
we want to force `make` to build everything without checking dependancies.

> Note: the Makefiles will be getting smarter very soon.


You should install `cygwin`, which gives you a pretty full unix-like environment
to develop in. Note that you'll have to download `make` and `perl` as well if
you want the whole enchilada.

If you're not up for building the library yourself, there's nothing wrong with
downloading the latest stable release, all built and ready to plug in from:

Directory Map

Important files in the directory tree are:

- js/jo_min.js

  This is the jo library bundled and minified, ready to drop into your project. You
  will need to build the library to make this file (as well as the un-minified
  version `jo.js` which is useful for debugging).

- css/aluminum

  This is a CSS3 bundle ready to skip your app with. Also serves as a good example
  of modern HTML5 styling capabilities. Looks pretty bad in IE up through version 8.

- css/basic

  This is a very basic CSS file which will work on browsers or devices which aren't
  up to speed with the good stuff. Nothing fancy, just functional.

- docs/html/index.html

  This file (and others) are built by joDoc when you run `make`. If you do not build
  your files from this source, don't worry. You can always get the docs from the
  latest stable release at: [](

- - -