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Some features are only activated in either the development or production environments, and are noted as such below.

The big ones you probably care most about

  • Setup script for a fully functional Vagrant development environment
  • FreeSWITCH setup:
    • Install FreeSWITCH repositories
    • Install video dependencies
    • Set up freeswitch system user/group
    • Check out FreeSWITCH code base
    • Compile
    • Install vanilla configs
    • Install 36xx videoconference extensions with support for moderator access
    • Configure IP address correctly based on environment
    • Set default password (both in FreeSWITCH config and Verto Communicator config)
    • Install fs executable, handy shortcut for logging into FreeSWITCH CLI
    • Install fs-debug executable, handy shortcut for logging into FreeSWITCH CLI with core dump enabled (dev only)
    • Install helper script for rebuilding FreeSWITCH (dev only)
  • Verto Communicator setup:
    • Install node and all dependencies
    • Install bower and all dependencies
    • Install helper script for rebuilding
    • Build production-ready bundle (prod only)
    • Install helper script for running live reload server in development environments (dev only)
  • Configure Apache to serve Verto examples from these paths:
    • /verto-communicator: Verto Communicator
    • /verto-video-demo: Original Verto video example (dev only)
    • /verto-demo: Original Verto audio example (dev only)
  • Install/configure SSL certs automatically based on configuration, for both Apache and FreeSWITCH
  • Install helper script for managing Vagrant virtual machine
  • Set up root SSH access (automatically for Vagrant, based on config for remote/production)
  • Set up .fs_cli_conf for passwordless access to fs_cli executable
  • Optionally set up a .bashrc for the root user, with some helpful shortcut commands for getting around the FreeSWITCH installation (run alias from command line to see them)

Other stuff that also helps you!

  • Different actions taken based on the server environment Salt pillar setting (development or production builds)
  • Share common configuration across build environments in the common.sls file.
  • Bootstrap script for remote/production servers, which properly sets up the freeswitch-kickstart checkout and Salt
  • Script to automatically remove Vagrant VM.
  • Configure a secure firewall (using Shorewall)
  • Set up all necessary services (Apache, FreeSWITCH, etc) to start on boot.
  • Optimize kernel settings for video
  • Set up core dump capability for development environments
  • Configure timezone and hostname.
  • Set up NTP
  • Basic Postfix setup
  • Install git, sox, and a bunch of other generally useful tools not always installed by default (see salt/salt/base-packages.sls for a fairly comprehensive list)
  • Set up /root/bin