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WebGL in Nim

Experimental wrapper to webgl for Nim (JS backend).
Mostly taken from mozilla webgl api

NOTE: it is still incomplete and there are probably bugs

A couple of examples are provided in /examples They are mostly translations of js code taken from mozilla tutorials and webgl-lessons, so don't expect idiomatic nim code. I'll work on improving them ( PRs welcome! ).


Some examples and autogenerated docs are avaliable in /docs and online at my site

To build the docs and examples, clone this repo and then run:

nimble builddocs

The docs are then available in /docs

Compiling to JS

nim js [-o:<outfile.js>] <filename> 

Note that the part between [] is optional, but it's useful as otherwise the .js file built by nim would be in nimcache.


  • move consts to enums?
  • move function out of the WebglRenderingContext object, to have autodocs?
  • Some utilites: others? setting up a context, reading errors, emitting to console
  • Have a module for Webgl2
  • Show the code side-by-side with the examples