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The code for the Stish Crypto built on Ethereum.
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stishERC223 version2.0

The code for the stish1.0 erc20 contract. It was public and verifed on EtherScan. and will now redirect everyone to the Stish2.0 version We developed this to tokenize our existing rewards pool, allow members to have a tradable blockchain based token asset, use for future membership access into the portal, and Raise capital for investment into development of our own blockchain. The founder Eric Binkley has developed an Equitable Distribution Platform that is social media reward based incentives driven. Attempting to build a micro crypto economy by allowing multiple crypto currency applications. The Pee Theory is crucial for understanding how Stish has value. When People Exert Effort they tend to value what they receive for their effort more verses a simple air drop. This is similar to the distribution model of many top economies around the world which use a model called work rewards capitalism. As people are attracted to the community for the crypto currency rewards Stish they are building the social fabric and bonds of a digital micro crypto economic community. Members are the primary Stish holders to date with a total Created Supply of 100,000,000. As members exchange their Stish Credits For Stish Crypto we look to have traditional trading on both decentralized and popular exchanges. The Quantity Theory of Cryptocurrency Coupled With The PEE theory should lend to interesting trading scenarios where people value their time and energy differently which will create trading oppurtunities for those looking to use Stish as a store of value

We are growing and celebrating with some super new features and a major hardfork

Visit or to see the new rewards distribution platform. The original Stish1.0 will be phased out and existing Token holders will receive the new Stish2.0. The new Stish2.0 will reflect the name Stish and keep the same symbol. The old token will be replaced with a more secure version with 4 decimals! You can see the full post on . We think this will be our only hardfork of the currency and no future changes are anticipated. We do look towards devoloping our own blockchain and we would allow people to purchase the Stish Coins from the new blockchain using Stish Crypto based on market pricing. This is several years down the road and will be an open source venture. The token event is going on now and we appreciate your support. Stish2.0 Will have a larger total circulation also which will allow for more than beta testing of the rewards distribution models.

If you are interested in helping build a new platform that is almost identical to our existing one but likely in React or Vue.js along with our own blockchain that is integrated directly into the platform for rewards distribution instantly join and get the conversation started.

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