Example use of @Configurable annotation to be able to inject any Object
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Spring Dependency Injection beyond the basic tutorials

Example of use of the @Configurable annotation to be able to inject objects created outside of the control of any container. Domain objects often fall into this category because they are often created programmatically using the new operator, or by an ORM tool as a result of a database query. (Adapted from Spring documentation).


I've created the project with Spring Roo which already includes all relevant AspectJ support, but in case you've to add the dependencies yourself, be sure to include the following JARs: aspectjrt, aspectjweaver, spring-aspects. Also, Java 1.6+ is required.

In this Example the Person class is created with the new operator, however, it needs to have a dependency injected (the property is called cache).

  1. Add @Configurable annotation to Person class, in my case I specified autowiring by type. @Configurable(autowire=Autowire.BY_TYPE), but it's also possible to choose BY_NAME.

  2. Add @Autowired annotation to cache property of Person

  3. Add context:spring-configured/ to applicationContext.xml, also adding the relative namespace. Spring Roo will take care of it by default.

  4. Add the bean to be injected in applicationContext.xml An alternative strategy would be to mark it as a @Component (or @Service, @Repository) and add the package to component-scan: However, in my case there could be multiple implementations and I want to be able to configure which one to use with XML.

The main program will log the following:

Id: 1, Name: 'Benjamin Kirk', Cache: org.obliquid.springdi.cache.NullCache@33788d
Id: 1067, Name: 'Eloise Berry', Cache: org.obliquid.springdi.cache.NullCache@33788d