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Various configuration files

This repository makes use of submodules. The script will pull them for you, but you can also do:

  • git submodule update --init --recursive

Installation Instructions

The provided script installs all configuration files and is probably the easiest way to use this repository.

The sections below cover installation instructions for each of the included configuration files.

Vim installation

Note the Vim submodule, YouCompleteMe, requires additional steps to use.

To do this, you need to run:

cd .vim/bundle/youcompleteme/ && ./

Note that you can set the YCM_CORES environment variable to speed this up.

GNOME Terminal Colors

The gnome-terminal-colors-monokai has a custom GNOME terminal color theme that has been slightly modified. It can be installed by changing to that directory and running:


and selecting the appropriate termial profile to update.

Custom fonts

Several custom fonts are installed in the .fonts/ directory of this repository. To install them on Ubuntu (maybe Debian too? I have tried so far on Ubuntu 14.04) , run:

cp -R .fonts/* ~/.fonts/ fc-cache -f