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Yet Another Material-Design-Style Hexo Theme
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Material Flow

安利一发我为hugo写的相同风格的主题: YAMT

Yet Another Material-Design-Style Hexo Theme.DEMO  


# change to work dir
cd /your_blog_dir/
# install dependencies
npm i -S hexo-generator-search hexo-generator-feed hexo-renderer-less hexo-autoprefixer hexo-generator-json-content
# download source
git clone themes/material-flow


  1. Change the value of theme to material-flow in _config.yml.
  2. Put your avatar && favicon images to source/images/.
  3. Edit _config.yml and themes/material-flow/_config.yml for your needs.

Here are some examples:

  1. _config.yml
  2. themes/material-flow/_config.yml


Please refer to offical doc :

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