A File System and CoreData image cache implementation on iOS 5 (ARC), along with a performance comparison
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BBImageCache With GCD IO

An example of an image cache involves around dispatch_io (new from iOS 5 and upward).

This example is orignated from http://biasedbit.com/filesystem-vs-coredata-image-cache. Please make sure you read it first before playing.

The point of having dispatch_io handle file operation is to increase throughput for io performance gain. This example, unfortunately, fails to do so, and only demonstates how to deploy 'dispatch_io_write' function.

Further, the goal of original example was to measure two cache machanisms as accurately as possible so that all the read/write operations were done in main thread synchronously. The async nature of dispatch_io hinders accurate measurement so that you would only see a measurement of activities done in main thread.

In addition, no error handling is performed at the end of writing opertaion so take measurements with utmost caution.

Tested on iPad 2 with iOS 5.1.1

CoreData Cache

Testing BBCoreDataImageCache cache...

Execution times:
Store:      203.86ms
Sync:       102.28ms
Load:       799.31ms
Clear&Sync: 30.21ms
Store&Sync: 2024.05ms
Item count: 100

Execution times (w/ image building):
Store:      804.37ms
Sync:       18450.60ms
Load:       1168.99ms
Clear&Sync: 106.47ms
Store&Sync: 21711.31ms
Item count: 100

Synchronous FileSystem Cache

Testing BBFilesystemImageCache cache...

Execution times:
Store:      14882.16ms
Sync:       5.24ms
Load:       70.28ms
Clear&Sync: 95.88ms
Store&Sync: 15334.06ms
Item count: 100

Execution times (w/ image building):
Store:      18598.41ms
Sync:       4.59ms
Load:       77.28ms
Clear&Sync: 96.16ms
Store&Sync: 19083.15ms
Item count: 100

Asynchronous FS Cache w/ GCD_IO

Testing MTGCDFileIOCache filesystem cache...

Execution times:
Store:      1952.43ms
Sync:       1.33ms
Load:       99.19ms
Clear&Sync: 93.70ms
Store&Sync: 2026.35ms
Item count: 100

Execution times (w/ image building):
Store:      5523.24ms
Sync:       1.23ms
Load:       108.56ms
Clear&Sync: 95.97ms
Store&Sync: 5681.34ms
Item count: 100