Java Vault Connector - Connect Hashicorp's Vault with your Java application.
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Java Vault Connector

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Java Vault Connector is a connector library for Vault by Hashicorp written in Java. The connector allows simple usage of Vault's secret store in own applications.


  • HTTP(S) backend connector
    • Ability to provide or enforce custom CA certificate
    • Optional initialization from environment variables
  • Authorization methods
    • Token
    • Username/Password
    • AppID (register and authenticate) [deprecated]
    • AppRole (register and authenticate)
  • Tokens
    • Creation and lookup of tokens
    • TokenBuilder for speaking creation of complex configuraitons
  • Secrets
    • Read secrets
    • Write secrets
    • List secrets
    • Delete secrets
    • Renew/revoke leases
    • Raw secret content or JSON decoding
    • SQL secret handling
  • Connector Factory with builder pattern
  • Tested against Vault 0.11.5

Maven Artifact


Usage Examples


// Instantiate using builder pattern style factory (TLS enabled by default)
VaultConnector vault = VaultConnectorFactory.httpFactory()

// Instantiate with custom SSL context
VaultConnector vault = VaultConnectorFactory.httpFactory()

// Initialization from environment variables 
VaultConnector vault = VaultConnectorFactory.httpFactory()


// Authenticate with token.

// Authenticate with username and password.
vault.authUserPass("username", "p4ssw0rd");

// Authenticate with AppRole (secret - 2nd argument - is optional).
vault.authAppId("01234567-89ab-cdef-0123-456789abcdef", "fedcba98-7654-3210-fedc-ba9876543210");

Secret read & write

// Retrieve secret (prefix "secret/" assumed, use read() to read arbitrary paths)
String secret = vault.readSecret("some/secret/key").getValue();

// Complex secret.
Map<String, Object> secretData = vault.readSecret("another/secret/key").getData();

// Write simple secret.
vault.writeSecret("new/secret/key", "secret value");

// Write complex data to arbitraty path.
Map<String, Object> map = [...]
vault.write("any/path/to/write", map);

// Delete secret.

Token and role creation

// Create token using TokenBuilder
Token token = new TokenBuilder().withId("token id")
                                .withDisplayName("new test token")
                                .withPolicies("pol1", "pol2")

// Create AppRole credentials
vault.createAppRole("testrole", policyList);
AppRoleSecretResponse secret = vault.createAppRoleSecret("testrole");


Project Page

JavaDoc API

Planned features

  • Creation and modification of policies
  • Implement more authentication methods


The project is licensed under Apache License 2.0.