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OOBD - The Open Onboard Diagnostics Toolkit

OOBD (Open On Board Diagnostics) is a collection of open Source software and hardware for OBD Vehicle Diagnostics. Our target is to provide a flexible platform to do the most diagnostic tasks quick, handy and reliable. To do so, we've developed a whole set of applications, hardware and tools - and we still continue..


To download, install, setup and run the software, please follow the instructions for Android or Windows.

For all documents, please use the links Sitemap and Manual provided in the header of each page.


As the feature list became to long for the main page, we moved it to the separate Feature page.


Although the build plans are available in the OOBD repository, we do recommend to better buy a finished CAN invader device at our partner JATRA. It was found that there's a lot of experience and time needed to collect all parts and to solder the dongle by yourself. Especially for commercial applications it's more effective to directly order the complete units.

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