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* stlab::forest, associated headers, and tests

* build break

* PR changes as per @FelixP

* PR changes as per @FelixPetriconi

* another change as per @FelixPetriconi

* Update stlab/forest.hpp

Co-authored-by: Sean Parent <>

* change per @sean-parent review comments

* Altered move assignment to handle self-move-assignment cases.

It is mostly unnecessary extra work (which I dislike) but may be the direction the standard is moving.

Co-authored-by: Sean Parent <>

* tests for assign, ctor, and swap

Co-authored-by: Sean Parent <>

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This is the source code repository of the Software Technology Lab (stlab).

ASL libraries will be migrated here in the stlab namespace, new libraries will be created here.

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This library provides futures and channels, high level constructs for implementing algorithms that eases the use of multiple CPU cores while minimizing contention. This library solves several problems of the C++11 and C++17 TS futures.


The complete documentation is available on the stlab home page.

Release changelogs are listed in


First, you will need the following tools:

conan and cmake are available on the Mac via Homebrew. cmake is available on Windows via scoop.

Once they're set up, run either or setup_msvc.bat for the platform of your choice. It will setup all necessary library dependencies and create the platform-specific project file in the ./build/ directory.

Microsoft Windows Platform Build Notes:

  • If you are using conan for the first time, add --build missing to conan command call in setup_msvc.bat script
  • Use administrator command prompt if you get issues in manifest creation during setup_msvc.bat run (ex: mt : general error c101008d)

Upcomming Changes in Version 2

  • Currently we are redesigning the interface of the future class. We will make the associated executor of a task more explicit by removing the implicit "inheritance" of the executors from the previous future. So a continuation will not get automatically the same executor from its predecessor. If non is provided, then it will be automatically be executed via the immediate_executor.
  • As well we will remove all .then() and .recover() functions from the future interface. Only the operator|() and operator^() will remain. So the pipe notation, as it is comming with C++20 ranges, will become the only choice. Obviously this will be a breaking change.
  • In parallel we think about changing the then former recover() function signature, see issue #263.


ASL libraries will be migrated here in the stlab namespace, new libraries will be created here.




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