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Welcome to the JSON-java wiki! A reference application to demonstrate parsing JSON in Java

Note regarding the recent change of ownership:

This GitHub repository was created in 2010 by Douglas Crockford, who wrote the original JSON specification. In Feb 2015, he posted a request in the README to find a new owner. I have managed the repository under Douglas' guidance from Mar 2015 until Jan 2016, when ownership was transferred.

My goals since Mar 2015, and going forward:

  • Continue in maintenance mode, in terms of stability, availability, and accessibility of the project
  • Make sure it continues to compile against new Java versions
  • Fix reported bugs.
  • Maintain compatibility with RFC 7159 and ECMA-404
  • Avoid any actions that would affect the ability of users to access and use the software
  • Provide some technical documentation and answer questions regarding the project design and use
  • Provide unit tests

Enhancements and bug fixes require a compelling use case, unit tests, review (most pull requests remain open for comments for 3 days or more). Changes that might inconvenience existing users are strongly discouraged.

Thanks, Sean Leary